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Real Life Timeline


  • December 21 - The Holy Incinerator may or may not have been created by a deranged order of incinerator-obsessed monks in a remote province of Spain. It may or may not have been created due to the fact that it may or may not actually exist or just be a creation of Tycho Brahe's deranged mind. We will never know for sure. (Wink, Wink.) Somewhere along the line, the origins of the Holy Incinerator became a bizarre blend of fact and fiction that is inseparable today. The only thing that many people both in Battal, and the real world can attest to is that it is: "Not all that holy."



  • May 25 - Realmworlds Publishing is founded by M. Holhik and J. Krakins in Boise, Idaho. Based upstairs from a Chinese restaurant, it immediately burned down when Mr. Holhik upturned a deep-fryer while arguing about the rent.
  • July 24 - Using the last of their savings, Holhik and Krakins reopen Realmworlds as a frozen yogurt shop on Mercer Island, Washington. They quickly become a hit and franchise the new restaurant chain thirteen times. Realmworlds Publishing hires Mich Fehkoo as CEO and splits in to two divisions. Realmworlds Delicious Freezees Inc. is responsible for earning enough money to keep Realmworlds Publishing afloat.





  • January - The first products to ever introduce the concept of the ELoTH:TES franchise are introduced in Japan: the original Elemental Monster Duel TCG.
  • Febuary - Frank Herbert, injured from defeating L. Ron Hubbard and stealing his soul just thirteen days earlier, seeks out Krakins before his death. With his last breath he bestows all of his powers on Krakins, including superior writting ability, prescience, and appreciation for fine cheeses.
  • March - Toys and products based on the Japanese Elemental Monster Duel Trading Card Game begin to appear in American stores, licensed by Hasbro and repackaged under the name Monsters of the Hierarchs. The toys are an incredible success, and the line continues for six years.
  • October - The first book set in the ELotH:TES universe is published, loosely based on the Monsters of the Hierarchs toys and written by Krakins himself. The Sundering of Vhaxdi, which details the later re-explored happenings of The Sundering, is poorly received, and generally considered to be irrelevant and inconsistent with the overall setting, even using major terminology for completely different purposes. Still, it is remembered as a milestone, being the first novel set in the ELotH:TES universe.
  • November - The first game in the Epic Fantasy Warrior Quest series is released on the NES in Japan. As the first console RPG released ever, it meets with unparalled success and critical acclaim.
  • December - Realmworlds Publishing purchases the rights to The Legend of Adlez, with intent to extend the book into a series. Several concepts are preserved, most notably, the way in which Dyemons are portrayed is kept stylistically similar throughout all subsequent ELotH works.


  • March - Disappointed with the failure of The Sundering of Vhaxdi, Krakins invests in a chain of costumed mascot themed video arcade/restaurants called Screeching Squirrel's Lunchtime Brainwash. Despite an early incident at a Seattle restaurant in which a drunken Krakins gets into a slap fight with several small children after a Skee Ball tournament that was supposed to be "fixed" goes awry, the chain does fairly well due to its after hours hot dog swallowing contests.
  • May - Holhik wins the factory that was to become the birthplace of the CCG.
  • June - A pilot episode for a Monsters of the Hierarchs animated TV series, based on the popular toy line, is produced, but it never gets the greenlight. The scripts are later used for a comic book series that runs for three years, and the pilot on VHS was packaged with new subscriptions.
  • November - Eager to cash in on the phenomenon of fan's paying to read advertisements the ELotH:TES Magazine is created.



  • January - The Elemenstor Battles card game is released. This is generally considered to be the true beginning of the ELotH:TES setting.
  • June - The final Screeching Squirrel's location is forced to close when several animatronic woodland creatures cease to function properly and instead of singing merry songs begin to recite backward Latin and spew flames from their eye sockets.
  • December - Elemenstor Universe Championship Tournament, Cleveland, OH


  • November - With their newfound profits, Holhik and Krakins purchase a number of endangered species and begin the world's first Endangered Species Death Cage matches.


  • January 6 - Holhik and Krakins are each sentenced to 25 years to life in prison when the Endangered Species Death Cage underground fighting ring is exposed. Fehkoo gains complete control of Realmworlds Publishing and Realmworlds Delicious Freezees Inc.
  • October - Flush with money and obsessed with the dot-com bubble, Fehkoo awakes one morning after heavy night of drinking to find he has signed seven popular online writers, each of them with gigantic contracts to write epic, fantasy-esque sagas. Tycho Brahe is among those with a contract.



  • January - The infamous Elemenstor Riots over the Gangster Octopus (Card)
  • January - alt.fan.elothtes is created
  • March - Stateside release of heavily footnoted Book 3, with segments of Book 2 as an appendix. Deemed a daring publishing move, the book attracts the attention of world-reknowned critic Harold Bloom. Bloom glowingly reviews it as the "product of a mind that has clearly marinated in the best juices of the Western canon" and claims to find esoteric meanings hidden in the book. Widespread critical acclaim does not come until the publication of Book 8. (Book 2 will not be released until 2004.)
  • March - alt.fantasy.elothtes is created
  • April - Brahe's 18 Minute Crisis
  • June 1 - The second WEBCCG expansion, Epic Legends of the Hierarchs (Later printings renamed to Collide: The Vision to keep the naming scheme of the first few sets), is released to build anticipation for the upcoming Book 4. Due to time constraints, this set consists of cards from the previous sets with randomly assigned Element powers. The WEBCCG:ELOTH version of the Gangster Octopus (Card) is so rare that nobody has actually seen one.
  • June 7 - The premiere episode of the second season of ElamenSTAR re-airs in Japan (initially aired as a special on 31 December 1996). It fares poorly due to a changeable air day and time, but fans create a vast secondary distribution system with VHS. The fansub community kicked into high gear, often shipping crates of dubbed VHSs to the US within ten days of the episodes' original air dates.
  • June 16 - Bookstores around the world hold Epic Midnight Madness Elemenstoring Parties in preparation for the release of Book 4 of the Epic Legends Of The Hierarchs: The Elemenstor Saga
  • July 26 - The drinking and pill binge takes place as ELotH:TES becomes wildly popular.
  • July 30 - Realmworlds Publishing creates Elemenstors of the Peninsula as an imprint for all ELotH:TES products
  • August 13 - The ELotH: TES - Pen and Paper RPG is printed by Black Fox Games, with innumerable supplements pumped out in an short period of time.
  • September - rec.arts.elothtes is created, over the vehement objections of the denizens of alt.fan.elothtes and alt.fantasy.elothtes. For six months, a cross-group flamewar persists, with many articles cross-posted to two of the three groups. Eventually things settle down, with most of the fandom posting in r.a.e.
  • December 1 - The third expansion to WEBCCG is released, Vanish: The Power. Cards in this set are so vastly overpowered that they render play with cards from previous sets impossible.
  • December 26 - Tides of Epic Conflict Saga, another series in the ELoTH universe, is published. Since it predates both the ElemenSTARs and Brahe's epic by thousands of years, covers a time only previously mentioned in footnotes, is not advertised for, and is released the day after Christmas, few buy it. Still, it enjoys mild popularity among hardcore fans looking for something to buy with gift certificates and store credit for returned gifts at bookstores.



  • January 5 - Jenson Matthews releases Servant of the Elements, the first book of The Brothic Cycle, to critical acclaim but sluggish sales due to a subject matter of limited interest in the canon (Giants and Trolls in the Great War of Magiks and Things).
  • February - Worldwide release of Book 8, with some critics grudgingly ceding to the raw power of the ELotH:TES juggernaut by providing positive reviews. Most notably, The Nation claims to find a radically subversive social message in the volume.
  • March 24 - Creation of rec.games.card.elemenstor, the Usenet group for Elemenstor Battles. The group has a chequered history recDOTgamesDOTcardDOTelemenstor.
  • September 2 - Season 1 of The Wizbits airs in the US, after heavy lobbying from fans who enjoyed the fansubbed version. The show is very popular among the general public, but hardcore fansubbers are enraged by the poor editing judgement shown by cut-rate reanimators, UDI.
  • September 25 - Season 4 of ElamenSTAR airs in Japan, featuring the Four Underdogs all grown up. No one seems to care, as the amount of "mature material" in the show is unaffected by this change.
  • November - FurniPets website launched, attracting a whole new bunch of teenybopping, annoying, fangirls into the fandom.
  • December - Worldwide release of Book 9, timed to coincide with the Winter holidays, is delayed until January with the ostensible justification that the publishers wanted a simultaneous global release, and that some translations were not yet finished.


  • January 5th - Second book of The Brothic Cycle, Priest-King, released.
  • July 15 - The final season of ElamenSTAR premieres in Japan.
  • September - Season 2 of The Wizbits airs in the US.
  • October - Finnish translation of Book 10 released, according to publication date in the book. I have found Finnish newspapers showing large crowds of people under a banner with the book's cover art and a large "#1" printed above it.
  • October 8 - Debut of Official Wizbits Fruit Pies.
  • November - Finnish translation of Book 11 released, according to publication date in the book.
  • December 25 - The controversial Season 2 Christmas Special, An Elemenstor Xmas: Penny Farthing's Specialist Gift is scheduled to air. Due to an unprecedented number of complaints sent to the FCC, the episode enters the history books as the first show actually banned before it was seen by anybody but the production staff. Coincidentally, the number of complaints exactly matched the number of production staff employed on the show. The series was pulled from future syndication. While still considered canon, no plans exist for it to be included on future compliations.



  • February - Season 3 of The Wizbits ceases broadcasting after the climax of the Char Reyarteb due to a work stoppage resulting from James Langomedes's arrest on illegal exporting charges. As Episode 307 ends with the cliffhanger of Zula being secretly brainwashed by Char Reyarteb, many fanfiction authors use this point of divergence to develop the Wizbits into a darker, more mature story. To this day, some fanfic authors refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the offical "Season 3B".
  • May 3 - WALL presents the first Ronard Cup
  • June - Book 13 released in a small print-run of 5000 after the disastrous failure of the compilation trilogy. The title is only available in gaming stores and from a few academic publishing outlets. Several doctoral theses in Comparative Studies are written analyzing the cycle as the non-essentialized and deterritorialized quintessence of post-modernity. Many extended comparisons are made to James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake and the work of Deleuze and Guattari.
  • July - Recall of "The Wizbits" plush doll collection due to a unusually high concentration of mercury in the edible stuffing.
  • September - Elemenstormers Dot Com goes live. It quickly gathers a large number of users.
  • November - The first English translation of the Japanese erotic comic Submissive Conqueror Lopae hits the internet, introducing many fans of such things to the Tides of Epic Conflict Saga. Most, upon realizing it is not in fact pornographic, ignore the series and go back to what they were doing.
  • December - Following the acquittal of James Langomedes, production and broadcast resumes on the remaining episodes of Season 3.




  • May - Magic Mouse Publishing begins bi-weekly releases of the entire collected works of The Song of the Sorcelator to great acclaim, the first book (actually titled The Song of the Sorcelator) rises as high as number 7 on the NY Times best seller list, despite being a "warmed over version of The Elpinster Saga grafting liberally from the Epic dazzlement that is the Elemenstor Saga."
  • July - The Wizbits Extreme movie is released in Japan under a new producer. His ultimate goal with the movie was to end Wizbits Extreme in a way that would make fans support his artistic vision and create an entirely new series that was currently under production. Stateside release of the movie and the new series will be delayed until Wizbits Extreme's US run is about to end.
  • August - Yack Thomas threatens to sue Elemenstors of the Peninsula because of a cutscreen in Elemenstorer involving explicit furnication. Yack claims that games viewing furnication in video games lead impressionable young children to do unspeakable things to their parents furniture. Yack feels the mere Teen rating is morally reprehensible, and the game should instead have a Mature rating, if not an Adults Only rating. Elemenstors of the Peninsula responds in a statement that says that in the end it is the parentls responsibility to keep their children away from negative influences such as furnication. Elemenstors of the Peninsula added that there is an option in the settings screen to 'lock' the furnication scene. The case has not yet been brought before the courts.
  • October - The ELotH MMORPG ELotH Online The Bloodrage Chronicle enters closed Alpha test.
  • October - ElamenSTAR Shuffle, the new series that followed the events in the Wizbits Extreme movie is released in Japan.
  • November - This wiki is created, in a foolish, yet valiant, attempt to unify all the legendary knowledge about the Elemenstors -- and perhaps bring new ideals up.
  • December - Bootleg dubs of ElamenSTAR Shuffle start to surface on the internet, confirming rumors of rampant fanservice.
  • December 7th - Surprise release of Tales of the Forever Road, sparking riots in many major cities.
  • December 12th - Conspiracy writer Horphious releases The Disilluminati: The Conspiracy to Trash the Elemenstor Cycle, first suggesting the existance of The Disilluminati.
  • December 25th - Elemenstors of the Peninsula begin rebranding certain products once again using the name Realmworlds Publishing, hoping to rekindle interest in fans who have drifted away from the more recent Elemenstor works.


  • January 4th - Lord ElamenSTAR Q vaguely mentions that the second season of Shuffle is almost complete and work on the third season will begin, but that in this new season the card game will play a "smaller role". This left fans puzzled as the card game is the driving force which looms large in almost every episode. Without that, what could be left?
  • January 18th - Conspiracy Writer Horphious is attacked by a crazed fan with a Book of World Facts, weeks after Yack Thomas suggested that Horphious "wouldn't know facts if he was blugeoned to death with them." Horphious considered this an attack by Yack Thomas and The Disilluminati and declared a massive Jihad on Thompson. Due to a booking of Jihads, the Jihad is now scheduled for Augest 2006.
  • January 22nd The Knowledge Smith, new novel by Hal Robinson to be released.
  • January 31st - Countdown to Infinite Wizbits is released, temporarily straightening out the convoluted Wizbits timeline. Fans appreciate the nod to disentangling canon, and the graphic novel aids in market penetration, even though it fails to satisfy the expectations of the critics.
  • August - Scheduled date for Horphious' Jihad against Bloodthirsty Jackal Madness Hound of the Legal World
  • June 16th - Release of The Grand Elemenstor of Magic, recent hype among the fan community has been built for this release by the release of Issue 25 of ELotH:TES Magazine where much new definative information was released as to the nature of elemenstors, elemanifestations, and their relation to other sorcerers.
  • Spring - Launch of the newest adult title - Erotic Blade of Shanari. Many pre-human organisms are expected to die in the enjoyment of this saga.
  • September - Tycho Brahe announces rewrite of first three books in the saga using the very lastest in writing technology to bring them more in line with his overall vision for the series.
  • Holiday Season - Supposed launch date for ELotH Online The Bloodrage Chronicle and The Wizbits Season 1 DVD.


  • January - The Japanese market launch a new TCG based on the franchise: Hierarch Hyper Colosseum Alpha. It is backwards compatible with the Elemental Monster Duel TCG, but also has new rules when played by itself, and can be swiped into arcade machines to see the battles played out with 3-D graphics, and to win new cards.
  • Spring - Tentative release date for the Brotherhood Octology Book One A New Brother
  • July - Tentative release date for the House of Char mini-series, with the goal of ret-conning ret-cons.
  • August - A new anime, Element Story is set to begin hitting Japanese airwaves, directed and produced by Tomono Shuuan's son, Ichigo Shuuan. There are already rumors that it will be dubbed as a new season of the Wizbits in 2008.


Date Unknown

  • A prevalent rumor in Elemenstor fandom is the existence of a fourteenth book in the Elemenstor Saga to be published one year and one day following the death of Tycho Brahe. Colloquially it is termed "The Fourteenth Manuscript". Written in simple, flowing script by Brahe, it is said to bring the Cycle to a satisfactory close by tying together every narrative thread from every work in the Elemenstor Universe, including the fan fiction. Though there is no official word on the existence of such a manuscript, neither Brahe nor Realmworlds Publishing have denied such a manuscript's existence. All we fans can do is hope to live long lives so as to see the eventual publication of "The Fourteenth Manuscript". (It is important to note that this wiki does not condone the message of the "Dark Fourteen", who are spreading the rumor that "There is a faster way to find out...")
  • Tycho Brahe simply rocks into Mordor and destroys the one bling, stolen from J-diddy Dr's deranged gun toting nightstand. All is set right with the universe. (This too is not condoned by this wiki, as it is well-known that J-diddy Dr and all his 'ilk' are the work of Dr L.H. Son-of-a-Bitch)

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