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Queen S'pr'no

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elothtes :: Queen S'pr'no (full)
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Queen S'pr'no

The beautiful and strong queen of Kelembad during the climax of the Vampyric Wars, as told in Garth Ennis Presents: The Vampyric Wars.

Wife of King T'n'r, the noble King is killed by Torvolds in the opening chapters of the first issue, after having an ill timed sore throat that stopped him from singing.

Stricken with grief, the Queen throws herself from Lemmings Bluff into the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow. Her death is witnessed only by Captain Kh'itch, who knows that it is the sworn duty of every member of the Footstool Brigade to follow the example of their ruler.

In the end, Kh'itch and the Brigade decide to uphold their duty and join their queen in death. By doing so, they deprived the Vampyre Hordes from converting the brigade into vampyres and absorbing their strength.


Tim Does anybody know how this character relates to Alnwein, also stated to be the ruler of Kelembad during this era?
bfg00 The history seems to be a little confused for Kelembad at the end of the Vampyric Wars. The undisputed facts are that Queen S'pr'no did indeed throw herself from Lemmings Bluff and that Alnwein was Queen of Kelembad at the end of the Wars. Really the confusion comes from the conflict of information between Garth Ennis Presents: The Vampyric Wars and The Lost Tales of Shattered Kelembad. My own personal theory as to the correct timeline is that King T'n'r died before the Last Battle of the Vampyric Wars. It was then decided in Kelembad to hold a Clashathon in order to crown a new Queen and King as they are required to come in pairs in Kelembad and since the old King was dead the old Queen was now longer in actuality Queen. Alnwein and Vulthar end up winning but in an act of kindness allow Queen S'pr'no to keep her title. Queen S'pr'no was so depressed at her partener's death though that upon engaging in the Last Battle of the Vampyric Wars she threw herself from Lemmings Bluff, as the Footstool Brigade had sworn their lives to the former Queen they followed suit. After her death Alnwein and Vulthar manage to beat the Vampyre hoards and work to reconstruct Kelembad. Interestingly enough it appears that Alnwein and Vulthar were unusually long lived and were the rulers of Shattered Kelembad until they help form the First United Republic of Terle with the Ruins of Blee in 3,513. After which the two disappear from the history books.

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