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A practicianer of the art of Psichotics. They consider themselves to be "the next generation of Elemenstors" when in fact they are not related to Elemenstors at all other than by forced inference.

A Psicho is notably different from an Elemenstor in that a Psicho is:

  • Always carrying Crystals around.
  • Always smelling of Patchouli.
  • Always Meditating.
  • Usually showing off his Telekinesis for easily impressed peasants.
  • Usually surounded by groupies who also have Crystals.
  • "Totally Bummed" by your negative vibes.

Psichos tend to be idealistic and iconoclastic. Heavily influenced by their belief in the power of crystals they tend to carry crystals with them as charms and talismans. Although it is not unknown for crystals such as rubian to have mystical or mysterious powers, often even inbuing the weilder with unusual powers, the crystals held by Psichos tend to be entirely ordinary quartz which imparts no abilities at all.

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