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Play a Mini-game!

Page history last edited by Tim 14 years, 9 months ago

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Play a Mini-game!

These are small games written with an ELotH:TES theme:

Unsunder Battal! (jigsaw style)

book quiz

Item Law Bar

At least it's an Epic jigsaw puzzle! -rubian
Er, I appreciate the effort, but there seems to be technical problems. Namely, the field you are given to build the puzzle is not physically large enough to contain it. It's literally impossible to finish.
Maybe it's a metaphor. -TychoCelchuuu
Should be able to finish it now - if you find it going slowly, right click and set the quality to low.
Your puzzle still seems to have some prblems. Namely there are two corner pieces for each bottom corner and none for the top corners, and I also think that many of the edge pices are missing/don't match up.
That's probably a metaphor too. -TychoCelchuuu
I thought the same thing, until I found out you could rotate pieces with the scroll wheel. That's when I gave up. ;) - Talisein
I gave up once I looked at it, determined that there were approximately six thousand pieces, realized that computer jigsaw puzzles are even more frustrating than real-life jigsaw puzzles, and then retreated in humiliation. - patkelly
Once again, metaphor. -TychoCelchuuu
Maybe I just need to find a copy of Furni Fighter, but this mini-game itches at my ELotH:TES mania. The game would hugely benefit from a work area larger than the picture itself. And a timer w/ top times, so my victory would inspire others! Oh, and how about a picture of Lander or Skip saying helpful things like, "Like this game? Buy the Wizbits Jigsaw Puzzle Collection!" and *whirrrrr*.... - Talisein
Those are great ideas. :) The scroll wheel or space bar will rotate the pieces. I did make sure I could finish it before I put it up this time. ;)
Strategy tip: if you drag all the pieces into one corner and then pull them out one at a time, dropping them one puzzle piece to the right, many of them will automatically link to pieces still in the pile. Also, I advise that you rotate all edge pieces so the flat side is up and then attempt to deal with them from there. I did finish it, but it took about an hour. -Montykins
Heh heh! This is pretty nice! It was, however, pretty difficult (even with a map out next to you it would be tricky). I think it would be easier if 1) there were fewer pieces and 2) a colour map of Battal was used instead. But otherwise, good work! -SamSim

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