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pineapple-of-undesired-insertion-shot crossbow

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Pineapple-of-Undesired-Insertion-Shot Crossbow

A Pineapple of Undesired Insertion-shot crossbow is what it sounds like: a crossbow modified to fire miniature "pineapple-of-undesired-insertion-shot" a kind of catapult ammunition that sends out numerous smaller projectiles launched at high speed, as though the smaller projectiles were pieces of pineapple-of-undesired-insertion. POWI shot leaves nasty welts on human-sized targets but can be fatal to tiny wildlife, such as the Pink Fruitbat of Delmere Swamp.

POWI-shot crossbows are popular amongst the Swampfolk, as the spray of projectiles makes up for their famed lack of accuracy.

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