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elothtes :: Orl'llln (full)
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Other Names

  • The Warrior-Philosopher
  • Marshall of 1000 Armies
  • The Stallion
  • The Lore-Giver

Known Relations


Orl'llln is usually depicted as a handsome, buff (i.e. very pronounced musculature for an Elf) Elf with dark blonde hair and deep brown eyes wearing battle armor with a scholar's cap carrying a sword in one hand and a book in the other. Orl'llln is credited with the gift of Lore to the Elves, including reading and writing. He also granted then a great ability to sing and write epic songs, to ride horses, and to engage in battle. Orl'llln himself is associated with horses and it is rumored that he is in fact Billy, Mardrangion's might steed. It is also this association with horses that is noted as the reason for his marriage to Holl'onnianya, if you know what I mean (this innuendo is explored to no end in adult Fan Fiction).

A prayer to Orl'llln is written at the beginning of all Elven texts. A short prayer to him is also at the beginning or end of most Elven tales and songs. At the beginning of battles a libation is poured to Orl'llln, and in Elven battlecraft training the warrior in training undergoes a ceremony that consecrates him in the name of Orl'llln. A festival dedicated to Orl'llln named Klo'Orlon is held at the beginning of Autumn.


  • The Firy Maiden of Love
  • The Two Loves
  • The Black Stallion
  • Orl'llln the Lore-Giver
  • The Battle Hymn of Orl'llln

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