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New Capitol City

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New Capitol City

The capital city of Ezermethalon. New Capitol City was named for the silver-domed New Capitol Building.

A New Capital for Ezermethalon

When Yar the Sorcerial waged all out war against most of the wealthy northern nations, Ezermethalon took the brunt of the destruction. During the long war the conquered kingdom often served as his staging ground for launching campaigns against other lands. The capital of Ferngravellia was stripped of all resources and that area was used for its strategic importance as a military staging area. After hundreds of years of conflict in the region, little remained of Fergravellia but a charred and blacked crater and dry earth deeply scored by the wheels of a million chariots.

When the Spica Wars were finally drawing to a close, it came time to rebuild Ezermethalon as a nation, and a new location was selected for the capital. Work began on a grand new city, starting with a silver domed Capitol building (The influences of the waining Ottoman Empire can be detected in architectural style of the earliest of buildings in the city, including the Capitol). The first official document signed in the newly completed building was the Peace Treaty of 10,429.

The City Grows

The large circular Capitol was the original center of the city, surrounded by a few support buildings and residences for the public servants. Servicing the Capitol were the 12 main spoke roads which radiated out from the town center. The wheel became lopsided as the temple district in the southwestern quadrant began to outpace the growth in the other portions of the city.

There are two main temples in New Capitol City that are both larger and more important than the others. The first is "Shiny New Temple", the first temple constructed. This temple is dedicated to the Hierarch Cernunnos, is surrounded by huge old oak trees, and is the home of The Grahtmin Disk. The second temple is the large Fabulist temple at the end of the long wide "Two Temples Street" (This street is the route of the huge Macy's Day parade held on the first day of winter).

Built even further south and west in what was at the time the outskirts of the city is the looming "Great Arena." This large public stadium was the location of the definative battle between Ice and Water, as well as some of Battal's best attended matches of Twenty-One Man Gafroom.

Reflecting civic priorities, "Great Arena" is now close to the city center, where as the Capitol is actually in the northeastern outskirts, but it is not the largest structure in the city. The Fortress of Unliquidatude is located in the downtown towering ostentatiously above all other buildings. Just behind the Arena is the small JestHause which is the de facto seat of true power in the city.


Tourism is an important part of the New Capitol economy. Tourists come to see the Capitol, Great Arena, and The Fortress, as well as pilgrims that come for the various temple high holy days. In the outskirts of town is the Rim Park Zoo, run by the Dwarf R'kakr'kaka'kazak Bogyn (of Bogyn's Nastiness Scale fame). Another popular destination is the marshes east of the city where a large nature preserve contains the Bwamp. This nature preserve is also the location of a large annual gardening expo.


New Capitol has a rather high native dwarf population, which is unusual given its relatively non-mountainous and non-cave-ridden location. Additionally, there is a large population of minotaur of The North East Coasters herd. (Bull-Chief Murgh is among the famous minotaur residents of New Capitol.) This unusual cohabitation of dwarven and minotaur population has lead to an interesting regional crossbread of dwarf-minotaur.

Other Notes:

In 18,103 the Falchion Faction made this their home briefly. Dommelham Gentral was elected vice-mayor. It seemed as though the group were going to be able to use the Capitol's Back room of decision making indefinately as a base of operations. That is until Lady B'gt'ts accidentally struck a gear that gave her giant bat wings. The group was run out of town by the superstitious population despite Dommelham Gentral's protests.

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