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Murderous Bag

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The Murderous Bag

The Murderous Bag was a Furniliar created by the Dark Stream Elemenstor, Stefarina the Vile Temptress in an early experiment in furnilar gestalting. While certainly not the only bag-based Furniliar on Battal, this one is famous because it derived pleasure only from killing.

The bag's pleasant Burberry pattern masked a heart of blackest, coldest evil -- a soulless, twisted monster that seemed to derive sustenance only from the death gasps of its victims (metaphorically of course, as Bag Furniliars don't actually need sustenance). At last count, the Murderous Bag had 725 murders attached to its aptly descriptive name, though some of these are probably just regular murders that were then blamed on the bag for convenience. People can be such bastards, blaming a bag like that.

The Murderous Bag's killing spree was finally brought to an end when it was separated from its very small but very necessary Drawstring of Killing. Without the Drawstring, the Murderous Bag found it excedingly difficult to act as anything more than an ill-tempered hat.

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