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Mud Men

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Mud Men

The Men of the Mud, as they call themselves in their slurp language known as Sllllllllk, are, according to Rickett's and Toby's Guide (Volume 24), "reddish brown ranging to deep brown shambling piles of animated and oozing mud, found mainly in the lowlands and river valleys of Battal." Although never particularly a threat, they are none the less rather bothersome as they are easily influenced by Evil Wizards and are all too willing to do their bidding.

The one recorded incident where Mud Men rose on their own was following the rise of the Mud King, known as Gchuuuuuuurt. On the back of his Mud Cow, wearing the Mud Ring and wielding Mudstick, the "magic sword", he lead his people on a messy and destructive series of raids known as the Particularly Dirty Raids.


There is long fan speculation wether the Mud Men are descendants of the Ecreekem or not. But considering so little is known about them nobody knows for sure.

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