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Mrs Yuri Fulgonsta

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Mrs Yuri Fulgonsta

Mrs Yuri Fulgonsta teaches computer science and Death Elemenstation at the Canadian Citadel in Wizbits: Elemenstor High. In her teenage years, she was an elite Elemenstor spy and assasin trained from youth to be a killing machine by Soviet Russia. After Soviet Russia collapsed, she spent several years working as a mercenary/Elemenstave-for hire.

She is deadly, quick, agile, amazingly competent, and seriously difficult to put down. Mrs Fulgonsta is also adept at computer hacking and information gathering. However, after losing an eye in a particularly messy fight, she decided to give up her life of violence and settle down, which was coincidentally when Principal Portent approached her with an offer to teach at the school.

Mrs Fulgonsta is a talented and dedicated teacher, churning out year after year of incredibly deadly Doomenors - the positive side of which is questionable. She still has flashbacks to her early years, and may act odd, paranoid, or wildly in some situations. Most notably, all of her students must memorize an individual password and give a blood sample before being allowed into her classroom.

Mrs Fulgonsta is loosely based on Fulgstor'd Yyyrysssla from the main canon. It has been hinted at that she has never been married, but killed someone else and stole their identity. Thus, her real name may be unknown to this day.

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