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Mr Harvey Olderndirt

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Mr Harvey Olderndirt

Mr Olderndirt is the Earth Elemenstation instructor at the Canadian Citadel. He is misogynistic, homophobic, racist, and "biophobic" (he is prejudiced against those who are still alive).

Mr Olderndirt is a elderly man who was an acclaimed Stoner in his youth, even extending into his old age. Upon his death from old age, he arose again as a Lich, not very much worse for the wear. No one can exactly place when he died, but he is known to have been alive enough to participate in World War II. Once very wealthy, the Great Depression wiped out his life savings.

Mr Olderndirt is one of the few faculty members who only teaches one subject. This is primarily because few of the students can stand to be in his prescence - whoever can put up with his politically incorrect views are usually put off by the rancid smell of undeath, and vice versa.

Principal Portent and Vice Principal Radish have both tried to get rid of him on a number of occasions, but somehow they are always stopped one way or another.

Harvey is very losely based on Sotar Olderndirt. It is speculated amongst fans that he shares Sotar's powers of precognition, allowing him to avoid and nip any efforts at forcing him into retirement before they even happen.

Mr Olderndirt bears a close resemblance to "Grandpa Munster" of "The Munsters" television series. This resemblance was out and out confirmed in the Halloween episode which featured Mr Olderndirt heavily and was dedicated to the memory of Al Lewis. Some Conspiracy Theorists insist that Mr Olderndirt IS played by Al Lewis who has himself become a Lich. These people are typically shunned.

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