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MooMaa's Choice

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elothtes :: MooMaa's Choice (full)
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MooMaa's Choice

"With these fine items, you too can crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women!"

A series of items manufactured by Ch'Hooty Heavy Agrik'Ultra Manufactrate Concern, Moo Maa's Choice is a lengthy set of rotary tillers and other gigantic gnashing implements manufactured by hordes of peasants forced into back-breaking labor in Ch'Hooty Heavy Agrik'Ultra Manufactrate Concern's patented "manufactrate" style. The dyemon-ghost was rather fond of the misery and deforestation wrought by the company, and thus gave his stamp (in the form of a disemboweled teenager) on each item he found the most grotesque and perverse.

They are surprisingly popular, despite Moo Maa being an Epic killing machine bent on crushing all life, mainly because he's also such a badass even his victims find him cool.

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