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Mighty Morphin' Mage

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Mighty Morphin' Mage

Mighty Morphin' Mages are actually a subsect of Blue Magickians who have developed their magical abilities towards one goal - Metamorphosis Magick. Harnessing the powers of Life allows these Mages to take on the form of any Creature they've bitten. As a result, most apprentice Mighty Morphin' Mages are only able to transform into small creatures one can easily fit into the mouth, such as Humble Mice. Or larger creatures that are eaten regularly by People, such as Buffaloaf.

The ultimate goal of ever member of the sect is to gain the ability to transform into a Dragon. However, to this day, not a single one of them has been able to bite into a dragon.

Although Mighty Morphin' Mages desire to bite ferocious beasts, so that they may become totally badass, mostly they are employed as spies - using their abilities to transform into unnoticable animals such as Cats to gather information. They would be infinitely better at this line of work if they did not always shout "It's MORPHING TIME!" immediately before executing a transformation.

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