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Also spelled: Magick, Magik, Magicke, and Majique

According to High Elemenstors and other knowledgable Physikisists, Magic is one of the Quarternary Elements, although Magickians may disagree.

Magic is the driving force behind the abilities of the Sorcerer, although they do not use the Knack to manipulate it. In much the way that a plumber does not need to be an Elemenstor to manipulate Water, the Sorcerer learns the mechanical manipulation of his element as a trade craft.

The Magic Element can be dazzlingly powerful. It is marked by its ability to lift, combust, transmute, negate, or create other Elements, it is a force to be reckoned with, but with this raw power comes an equal burden. Raw Magic is extremely hard to control. Sorcerors are able to manipulate it by using time honored and hard earned knowledge that prescribes specific usage patterned that have proven to be reliable and relatively safe when used exactly as prescribed. Magic Elemenstors on the other hand (known as Magimenstors), manipulate the force directly and are exposed to the raw unpredictable destructive force in an unbuffered form.

Compared to other Elemenstors, a Magimenstor is generally considered relatively weak. Where a magimenstor manipulates wild, unpredictable forces that manipulate elements, most other Elemenstors manipulate those elements directly. Where a magimenstor really shines is when using abilities directly against a sorcerer. In order to envision this, one must merely keep in mind the analogy list above: Water Elemenstor vs. plumber.

It is said that the Elvin goddess Holl'onnianya was the one who originally brought Magic to Battal.


The role, abilities, and nature of the Magic Elemenstor are explored for the first time in the newly released book The Grand Elemenstor of Magic. Before this, no canon sources explicitly described this variety of Elemenstor, although it was a not entirely unusual character class among players of the Pen and Paper RPG, where every pairing of Elemenstor and Element has been attempted.

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