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Magic Sword Kings

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Magic Sword Kings

Starting with the line of kings that began with King Ronard, Magic Sword Kings is the general term for a ruler during the The Magic Sword Kings Period, only requiring that they own at least one magic sword. Indeed, the title was applied to some rulers even though they did not bear the title of king, such as queens, overseers, grand high lords, and (in the case of Morlond's Field) emperors. The last recorded magic sword king was Zonard, who caused The Sundering in battle with Yar the Sorcerial. The Magic Sword Kings were distinguished by the fact that they all wielded a magic sword of some type or another, which was not uncommon in that day, and were lucky enough to be born to the previous Magic Sword King. (NB: The kingdom did on occasion revert to familial succession when necessary. For instance, the crown fell to the royal nephew Bartholomeu Chairglued after the reign of Ginnerfar Notallthere, who, despite his several attempts, failed to copulate successfully with a horse).

The rather loose qualifications for being a Magic Sword King meant that, during their reign of almost 10,000 years, a few weak and incompetent rulers did become king. Two of the most brazen examples of this included King Kayfabe, whose spectacular combat prowess was later revealed to be the product of extensive choreography, and Ginnerfar Notallthere, whose battle cry of "I'm a pony!" is immortalized in the flavor text of the card that bears his name.

The Magic Sword Kings Period came to an end in 9,437 with The Longest Moment, when Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer was lost during a particularly heated game of dwarfball. Although there were people called Magic Sword Kings during the Spica Wars they were little more than warlords, and not good ones at that. Legends from that time mention a prophecy that says whoever finds the hammer will usher in the Second Coming of the Magic Sword Kings, though another reading of the prophecy says that "Lo, He who findeth the Hammer of Ronard shall crack many skulls, yea verily."

A list of recorded Magic Sword Kings

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