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Low Elemenstation

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Low Elemenstation

A primitive form of Elemenstation, also known as proto-Elemenstation, in reasonably common use throughout the twelve realms before the coming of Harbinger Portent and the other great masters.

At the time frequently referred to simply as "sorcery" or other names, the separation of Elements in the Darkstorm and the true nature of Elemanifestations were poorly understood and results were unpredictable. The manipulative elemenstrologists were early practitioners of Low Elemenstation. Modern Elemenstors look back with pity on their primitive forbears, who knew not the forces with which they interfered.

Nonetheless, there were great heroes and villains even in the age of the Magic Sword Kings who wielded magic of one kind or another, including the Tyrant of Otherhood. After all, if no magic had been present before the Starborn Gem was discovered, how could the Vile Automata or the Magic Swords themselves have been created?

After the coming of Harbinger Portent, sorcery became the term for any practice of magic weaker than Elemenstation. The sorcerers were reportedly not too happy with that. Harbinger Portent himself named Low Elemenstation after discovering High Elemenstation, a single sentence before he renamed it "sorcery;" numerous sorcerers have since borne a mild grudge against him for that.

Low Elemenstation is not to be confused with Lesser Elemenstation, which is much closer to High Elemenstation than Low Elemenstation is (hence why it was renamed/dismissed-as "sorcery").

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