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Law 177

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Item Law #177

Regarding Silverstone Items

  1. Items made of Silverstone are exempt from Item Laws provided that:
    1. Materials have been propery secured from authorized miners or resellers.
    2. Item has been crafted by Elves or a race commonly mistaken for Elves, or under supervision of a licensed master craftsman representing any of these peoples.
      1. Ringlings may ONLY craft Silverstone Rings.
    3. Item is un-named, and posesses no nicknames that constitute a de facto name.
    4. Item exhibits no properties similar to a named item.
  2. If a Silverstone item does not meet all of the above conditions, it must be registered as any other item would with the following additional restrictions:
    1. Item name must contain one of the following words:
      1. Silverstone
      2. Merrigold's Fire
      3. Nevelost (if item has been crafted by said race}
      4. Bling
      5. Glowsilver
      6. Moonsilver
      7. Elfgold
      8. Dwarfsbane
      9. Whitecopper
      10. Itchbrass
      11. Blingiron
    2. Use of aforementioned words may not cause item to come into conflict with any other item laws.
    3. Items may not be enchanted with any properties that conflict with the inherent properties of Silverstone.
    4. Dwarves must pay particular attention to irony when crafting item.
    5. The following items may NOT be crafted from Silverstone
      1. False Teeth
      2. Chalices
      3. Ridiculously Large Jewelry
      4. Wheels or Wheel Coverings
      5. Contraceptives
      6. Eating Utensils
      7. Outhouse Fixtures

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