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Lady B'gt'ts

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elothtes :: Lady B'gt'ts (full)
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Lady B'gt'ts


From her birth it was seen that Lady B'gt'ts was a child of destiny who would be epic beyond normal epic tales. For one there was her lineage, she was the last surviving decendant of Lord B'gh'd, she was part K'thian, part Human, part Extremely Elf, and some believed part Nevelost. What lead to this interesting mix of races was years of decline for the Kingdom of K'th'ith'h which resulted in the most of the royal bloodline intermarrying itself into extinction or being killed off in the numerous wars that had occurred. As such the only part that managed to survive was a relatively underrated branch of the royal family that had been married off into other kingdoms as a way to make alliances. As a hallmark of her unique mixture of races she ended up with dark green hair, pointed ears, beautiful deep brown eyes, and smooth white skin. All agreed that she was a beautiful child but it was also true that she was the last of her line as her mother died in child birth and her father was not of the bloodline.

Still there was much celebration at her birth. So much so that even Gragnakas forged one of the 100 swords he was going to give to King Selent in her honor, the fabled R'll'b'gsw'd. When the sword was presented along with the child it was prophesied by a seer that was present that her time and the sword’s time were not in the present and that she and the sword must be sent to a different time. Coincidence (or maybe not coincidence) would have it that a Chronosorcellor was present at the party and offered his services to get both her and the sword to their proper times. The Chronosorcellor used his timesorc'ley to transport the two, however only Lady B’gt’ts was sent to the future, the R’ll’b’gsw’d did not move until later but those present thought that the Chronosorcellor had stolen their beloved Lady and tried to capture him in order to bring her back. However when they tried to caputre him the Chronoscorcellor disappeared into the night.

Lady was sent far into the future (over 1000 years) to the year 18,082, during the bloody Siege of Trembaloo by Lord Kinlo. However she did not end up in that afflicted part of the land. Rather she appeared at the doorstep of an old woman who took her in and cared for her as her own child. Lady B’gt’ts grew into a tall, very well endowed, beautiful woman in the care of the old woman. During her teenage years she gained a new power, Life Elemenstation and her surrogate mother revealed to her that she was in fact a student of Mau'de and an Elemenstor herself. She also revealed to Lady her past, as a note had been left on her cradle when she appeared on her doorstep.

As part of her training to become a fully-fledged Elemenstor Lady B’gt’ts was to seek out a familiar. She climbed the mountains surrounding her teacher’s home and eventually came upon what appeared to be an abandoned nest. Inside the nest was a large egg and many treasures. Just as she entered the nest though she heard the cry of a Dragon. In fear she grabbed the egg and as she stumbled out of the nest she got her feat tangled in something lying on the ground. She tumbled down the mountain with the egg as a large red dragon swooped down to the nest. She managed to recover from her fall and disentangled herself from the thing that had caught her leg. Then she took both it and the egg back to her teacher’s house.

When she got back to the house and had time to breathe she showed the egg and the object that had wrapped itself around her leg to her teacher. Her teacher told her that the egg was that of a platinum dragon and that the red dragon had probably killed its parents and was coming back to claim the nest. Then when she turned to the other item the old woman recognized it as Holl'onnianya's Tiara, a tiara of great power. When Lady B’gt’ts cleaned off the tiara it glowed briefly as if to acknowledge its new owner and her teacher told her to put it on as it should be safe for her. She put on the tiara and it was like the history of the world was passing before her eyes. She knew things that she had never known before and felt a new power well up inside her. It was like she could see everything clearly now for the first time in her life. She also knew what to do with the egg. She took it and raised it till it hatched and named the infant dragon, Ver'na. Ver’na saw Lady B’gt’ts as her mother and they were inseperable from that day on.

For 5 years the two of them got to know each other and Lady B’gt’ts learned the secrets of Elemenstation and of the tiara. Then upon her 18th birthday her teacher told her that she had a destiny to fulfill and it was greater than remaining in this secluded place. She told her to go to Trembaloo as her teacher Mau’de was said to be there and she may be able to impart further wisdom to her. After tearful goodbyes Lady B’gt’ts and Ver’na left their guardian for new adventures.


Lady B’gt’ts and her companion arrived in Trembaloo the next year and began their search for Mau’de. Unfortunately for the her, she caught the eye of Verix the Thrice-Damned who saw that she may be the ideal sacrifice to resurrect Phgoorikus. Therefore he knocked out Ver’na and captured Lady in the night taking her to be sacrificed. Upon awaking Ver’na searched high and low for Lady and as she was circling the Mountain of A'aa she noticed a lone figure following a path through the snow. He was alone and carried a sword on his back. Ver’na decided to take a chance and approached the stranger asking who he was and if he had seen her master. The man replied that he was Welregar of Ebonshire and had uncovered a plot to resurrect Phgoorikus. He had just found out where their hideout was and was on his way to destroy them. Welregar then supposed that Ver’na’s master might have been taken by this cult in order to be sacrificed as they needed beautiful young women to complete the ritual. The two then decided to team up in order to find the young Lady.

It was at around that time that Lady awoke to find herself striped naked and strapped to a cold stone slab in the middle of a cave. She did, however, still have the tiara on her head as the cult members could not remove it from her brow. Unfortunately for her, she only knew a few Parsum Life gears none of which would allow her to escape easily. Still she decided to do what she could and struck the gear Nature's Lullaby and started to gently, sweetly sing the cult members to sleep. It was then that Verix noticed her abilities and ran over to gag her as his cult members started to doze off. At that very moment a blur moved around the room to all the cult members, who fell over pierced through the heart. However a shield of energy protected Verix from being killed by this mysterious blur. The blur stopped and there stood a handsome, red haired, tall young man carrying a rapier. The young man reached down to the hilt of his sword as Verix prepared to strike a mighty gear, Unlight's Eternal Decay. Through the power of the Tiara, Lady B’gt’ts knew the gear and tried to shout a warning to her would be rescuer to stay away. It was then that she noticed a pulling at her restraints and turned to see Ver’na working to undo her bindings. Ver’na freed her arm and she turned back to work to free her other bindings when she saw that the young man no longer held a rapier but a glowing Jian. As she finished undoing the bindings on her arms a flash of unlight pervaded the cave as the gear was stuck, but the man just stood there and smiled. Then what appeared to be a miracle happened the gear rebounded off the Jian and back at Verix. Immediately Verix began to decay but not only him rather the entire cavern began to melt from the gear. Lady B’gt’ts bindings decayed as well and she got off of the table and ripped the gag out of her mouth shouting to the stranger that they needed to get out of the cave as soon as possible. Unfortunately her warning was drowned out by the collapsing of the cavern and her, the stranger, and her familiar were swept down the mountain and began to fall off a cliff.

While her familiar could fly she could not and in a stroke of desperation she managed to strike the Genisum gear Wings of a CENRA which allowed her to grow wings and fly. She then flew down to the stranger, caught him and stopped him from his fall. It was then that she realized that she was not strong enough to hold the both of them and they began to plummet again. The young man reached down and twisted a dial on his Jian and it became a scimitar and suddenly the man became lighter. They regained control and she found out that he could fly. It was at that time that she got her first good look at her savior and at his sword which she realized held great power. She also realized that it was freezing out side and began to shiver uncontrollably. The young man grabbed her, took his cloak and wrapped around her and carried her back to Trembaloo.

She awoke to find herself in an inn in the city with her familiar watching over her. Ver’na was relieved to see her master alive and well. After hearing what happened from Ver'na, Lady B’gt’ts got out of bed and got dressed. She then left the room and found the young man sitting in the tavern in the ground floor of the inn. They greeted each other and he introduced himself as Welregar of Ebonshire, and in gratitude for him saving her she kissed him. This is what began a romance that would bind the two of them until they were parted by death.

Over the following years they traveled and saw the world together, helping those in need, learning about each other and about themselves, even at one point creating the Falchion Faction which opposed Lord Quintak Hoch and the Item Law Makers Guild. They grew in love and friendship as they traveled and all who saw them were amazed at her beauty and his swordsmanship. Eventually the two were married in the city of Trembaloo and decided to settle there to live out their lives.

However, Battal is not a world where heroes and heroines can rest easy and soon a new threat arose, the Charnel Wyrm. This wyrm had been asleep under Battal for years and was reawakened by dark forces. Heroes from all over Battal came to try to stop its rampage but to no avail and so Welregar and Lady B’gt’ts arose to the challenge.

The Charnel Wyrm rampaged across the lands of Mandleclang destroying all in its path when the two flew in to join with it in combat. Welregar switched the Triskaidekaphilia to its second setting and fell to the ground in order to fight the gigantic wyrm. Meanwhile Lady B’gt’ts and Ver’na flew around the enemy watching her husband and gauging the weaknesses of the Wyrm. Welregar went after the wyrm with a vengeance but to no avail. Every time he hit it it would heal the massive wound inflicted by the his greatsword. At one point he struck deep into the Wyrm only to be hit from behind by one of the wyrm’s bony tentacles which cut deeply into him and grappled him. Lady B’gt’ts flew down, struck a healing gear on her husband and saw that when she did so the Wyrm recoiled in pain. She then realized that Life energy would destroy this foe. It was then that a tentacle came and slapped her out of the air. She slammed into the ground breaking her back. She lay prone on the ground blinded by the pain she was experiencing when she felt a stab in her side and her pain subsiding. She looked up and saw her husband frantically yelling at her. She then reached up and touched her husband showing that she was okay. She stood up and told him what she had discovered. She then told him to use the gladius he was holding and that she would channel her power into it, hopefully that would be enough Life power to destroy the foe. She turned and saw her familiar, Ver’na, engaged in combat with the abomination, distracting it from the couple. Welregar readied himself as Lady B’gt’ts focused all her power into the blade of the Triskaidekaphilia. The glowing blade became sheathed in wood and grew to a massive size as the Element of Life poured into it. Welregar then charged the Charnel Wyrm as it batted aside Ven’ra and swung his now massive sword cutting the Wyrm in twain. The Wyrm’s body dissolved leaving only large fragments of its bones. Meanwhile, Lady B’gt’ts fainted from the exertion of channeling that much power.

Upon her waking it was discovered that she had lost the Knack and could no longer strike gears. However her epic destiny was complete, she had helped destroy the Charnel Wyrm. Welregar took his bride back to their home and they lived out their life in peace with Welregar running out to do heroic deeds and Lady B’gt’ts staying at home tending a garden, raising their kids and teaching the children of Trembaloo.

Welregar and Lady B’gt’ts had 10 children before he passed away in his 50’s in a freak accident in which he tripped over a banana peel while using the Speed option of his sword. Lady B’gt’ts went on to live to see her great great grandchildren and never appeared to age a day until her death at the age of 256. She was well loved by all but never remarried, rather she managed her estate and became a well respected and loved elder in Trembaloo.

Notable Descendants


  • The Forgotten Faction by Dan Potter: Covers the story of Welregar of Ebonshire and Lady B’gt’ts. Most of the information on this page is from this work.

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