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Knights of the Flame

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Knights of the Flame

Possibly one of the first trained and organized standing armies of Men in the history of Battal. The Knights of the Flame were a force of good and light the The Hierarchy Era.

The Flameknight Training recieved by the knights at Night of Flame Castle (in eastern Lavatoria) was renowned throughout the lands as instilling both a fierce fighting spirit and knightly honor. Each well trailed knight was clad in gleaming polished plate mail, armed with swords of additional sharpness, mounted atop mighty white war horses, and bore the yellow and red shields emblazoned with the insignia of the flame.

Vilefang Darkmantle took seventy of the best Knights of the Flame to his Dark Citadel of the Vile (in western Atlantistantinople) where he warped their Flameknight Training to turn them to Penumbral Shadow Hands, the most feared and vicious force in the pre-Elemenstation continuum.

However, the twisted Knights were avenged by the new leader of the Knights of the Flame, and the most memorable of all the Knights, and he was not a man at all . . .

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