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King Lightlute

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King Lightlute

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"In times of war, none are remembered save the Queen, and in times of Peace the tales tell only of the deeds of the King. I alone shall be the king which is recorded in the great tome of records regardless of the fate that is brought to the doorstep of my kingdom in the coming years."

-- from the novel Ronard Beknighted

Though not the first nor mightiest King of Kelembad, the reign of Lightlute was the stuff of legends. He is unique in that he was the only single ruler in the history of his people, which was the cause of great controversy. Some were upset that he was able to defeat the mightiest pairs of battlebards alone... some were upset that he would defy their sacred laws by doing so... but most people were offended by the fact that his innovative genderbending made the whole thing possible.

"I don't quite understand," said Ronard, "for I believed the law of Kelembad to be that the most fearsome swordstress and talented songmaster shall rule its lands."

"Quite true," cooed Lightlute, "for I am Kelembad's greatest man... and woman."

-- from the novel Ronard Beknighted

Truly, never before or again would there be a king of any kingdom of The Landyworld who could have been described as "A sword-swinging, cross-dressing, one-man/woman-band of fury". The mighty Lightlute waged his onslaught of song and battle wearing a silken evening gown, well-coordinated accessories, and a thick beard that even the manliest of men could envy. He had keenly forged a set of swords etched with fluted holes and enchanted by Elfin mystics. Each swing let loose notes of epic tone and expression, and the names of his harmonious swords would be known throughout the land: Pipehole and Chanter. He also bore a pair of swords that mostly stayed in their scabbards, which he would rattle with the skillful movements of his legs. His fleet footwork would weave a rhythm of battle upon which the sonorous song of his dual swords would dance. Though these trusty sidearms, Sharpflat and Jingles would hardly leave their scabbards, their names were as legendary in Kelembad as those of their bloodsoaked companions.

Lightlute ruled the land of Kelembad for 60 years before old age began to take its toll on his hearing. Eventually, he would become far too deaf to infuse his swordplay with the hymns of his weapons, and the rule of Kelembad fell to the only pair of battlebards to outshine both his flamboyancy and contraversial nature, Monny and Darie.

Never again would rule pass to a single individual for the next 1000 years, when Kelembad finally fell during the reign of King T'n'r and Queen S'pr'no during the Vampyric Wars.

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