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The cave-dwelling Khith are an odd race indeed, and are thought of as the ugly race of ELotH:TES. The poet Tongdle describes them so:

Imagine what would result if a goblin made love to an elf, who cloned himself with parts of a rabbit and stacked upon the resulting cloned child's head a series of books that were left there for a number of years. Then think of something worse. (Tongdle, My Life Among the Khith, Part II)

They are also a very hermetic people, dwelling in the caves nestled in the smaller mountains around the plains near what used to be the Tiny Forest of Minuaten. Every day they sneak out of their caves to munch on the grasses outside. However, one day the Khith noticed some very tasty-looking knitted grass tents sitting outside their caves! Eating these tents caused small confrontations between the Khith and the Cohoris. However, things soon settled down between the two peoples, and they entered a truce which soon turned into an alliance as the Wutel entered the area and attacked. However, soon even this fighting died down, and the three groups came together to form the Khith-Cohoris-Wutel, with the Khith serving as the menial labor and cannon fodder * of the group.

Note, use of actual cannon by the Khith-Cohoris-Wutel may well be apocryphal.

The Khith's most beautiful individual is, without a doubt, the lovely Blatt. Lord Kinlo agreed to marry her in order to meet one of the demands of the Khith-Cohoris-Wutel. He later used her to fulfil the second request, that of the Wutel.

The Khith also have a longstanding rivalry with the Ringlings. It appears the Khith harbor bad feelings for the Ringlings because the Ringlings make extensive use of the G'nth'l mines in collection materials for their rings. Small scuffles and skirmishes between the Khith and Ringlings are not uncommon.

It is believed that the mines beneath G'nth'l in the former kingdom of K'th'ith'h were originally Khith caves, or that the Khith inhabited the mines after K'th'ith'h's fall. Here again, Mr. Brahe's account of the history evades timelines.

See Also: Khin, Blatt

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