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"Before him stood a tall, slender woman of extraordinary, otherwordly, truly elemenstral beauty. Her skin was like alabaster, pale and soft like the sands of Luna Dadaloth. Her large, dark, captivating eyes sparked with a light of their own, like starlit skies or the clear waters of the arctic oceans. Her shimmering blonde hair reflected the moonlight in a way reminiscent of molten gold and elemenstronium. She was wearing a sleek, silvery white dress with sequined hems. A single black pearl adorned her bosom; she wore no other jewelry. Pale, gleaming noodles had been carefully worked into her hair, though, their almost iridescent sheen complementing the vibrant radiance of her eyes. This was Kapybara, Speaker of The Unspeakable, Dark Elemenstrix of Myrkmoom."

Kapybara, ruler of Myrkmoom, is generally regarded as one of the most powerful female Elemenstors in history. She is a skilled manipulator and a master of disguise, often preferring subtlety over open displays of her Dark Elemenstrix powers. She first appears in 1997's The Elemenstor Cycle, Book 4: Curse of the Doombane, where she confronts Sotar Olderndirt on the slopes of Wang's Peak, offering to join forces with him in exchange for a "simple apology". The details are left unclear, but it is implied that Sotar and Kapybara had been lovers, possibly even married, in the past. Sotar refuses in a rather unkind manner, then proceeds to reveal everything about his affair with Steppy in exquisite detail. Enraged, Kapybara sends her army of Dark Toilet Table Furniliars against Sotar just as the legion of the War Men emerges...

Kapybara appears in three episodes of the Japanese anime ElamenSTAR. There it is revealed that she shares some kind of link with both Harbinger Portent and Char Reyarteb; though she does not know why or how, from time to time she hears their thoughts. While this helped her become very powerful at a very early age, it was not a phenomenon Kapybara particularly appreciated. Seeking escape from unpredictable incursions into her mind, Kapybara eventually discovered that while she was in Myrkmoom, the link was temporarily severed.

All of this is revealed to Phila, with whom Kapybara had some sort of completely insane fixation. Twice in the series--once as a child and once as an adult--Phila is brought to Myrkmoom for torture, abuse, and twisted displays of misbegotten affection. Kapybara's portrayal in the anime focuses more on her crazy side (presumably brought about by her unique inborn psychic links), but her incredible power and remarkable beauty are also portrayed with meticulous accuracy.

Kapybara participated in the Great Elemenstation War as one of The Twelve Scourges of Battal. She hoped that by storming the Cerulean Citadel she could find a way to get to Castle Eureka and find Phila for her own twisted purposes.

Kapybara has a more visible role from Book 10 to Book 12, where she actively participates in the Hierarch Wars as one of the key Dark Elemenstors. In Book 11, while investigating the mysterious disappearance of a number of important individuals, the Elemenstor Zuumont discovers that Kapybara has, through careful and often personally degrading manipulation of their damaged emotions, won the devotion of every Bathtub Furniliar she could find. She then instructed them to infiltrate the washrooms of her most powerful enemies and drown, crush, or outright swallow those who opposed her. Later, in the opening chapter of Book 12, she engineers a devastating betrayal among the Elemenstor ranks, resulting in the dramatic and surprising death of Sierra Vanity.

During the 11th Final Battle of Book 12, Kapybara spontaneously self-destructs in a massive explosion, taking her Dark Furniliars with her and turning a winning battle into a rout. The reasons behind this act aren't explicitly explained in the text, which has generated a lot of speculation among the fans.

ELotH:TES Canon

Kapybara is a recurring character in Tycho Brahe's Elemenstor Cycle series, appearing in Book 4, Book 10, Book 11 and Book 12 and possibly in Book 13 although this is hard to tell. She is the main character of the ElemenstorLance: The Scourges Pentadecaphron book Oculumagistrastrophe.

Interestingly the release of Book 4 coincided neatly with the ElamenSTAR episode Letters From Home, which also included an appearance of Kapybara. Little is done in this episode to explore the character or tie her appearance into the larger continuity of the show so it appears to be one of the rare entirely a well timed trans-pacific marketing tie-ins. Kapybara appears again in ElamenSTAR two years later in the two parter: Final Battle Four (episodes 412 and 413). In those episodes the background and history of the character is explored further.

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