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"C'mon baby, so close. So close. Oh yeah, here it comes!"

A Furniliar transchanted from an experimental slot machine built by the Imagineer, Lawerence (the Fourteenth, for anyone who's counting), Jackpot was a gambling addict, as one might imagine, constantly losing huge amounts of money playing cards and betting on Agash tournaments.

Jackpot was also obsessed with slots, constantly playing with himself. Because of his contruction, and his moans of delight while performing any action related to gambling, this made him look like he was constantly masturbating. Hailing from The Mincing Kingdom, there he encountered Vander Eyemless and his party of adventurers pursuing Kafkaesque Backenstabben. Jackpot made a bet that they would die trying to stop him. Obsessed with gambling, he accompanied the group throughout their adventures in Epic Fantasy Warrior Quest XIV: Legend of the Mule Queen. Jackpot did not apparently realize he was betting against himself, nor that he was helping the party to win the bet. In battle, Jackpot had a number of stat-increasing moves. He could also deal out magical damage to either his enemies or allies depending on how his slots spun, and pefrom Thief-esque techniques like stealing and mugging from enemies.

After Backenstabben was killed, Jackpot welched on his bet and fled, coming accross Trafficant the Sly and partnering with him for several years. The two perished during Second Battle of Timidity and Indecisiveness when Jackpot finally hit his own Jackpot in the middle of battle. He had never paid out in all those years, so when he finally hit three sevens, he expelled such a large amount of coins that he literally exploded, blotting out the sky in change and raining coinage on everyone in a seven mile radius. Trafficant, by now in old age, was so close to him at the time that the explosion of currency was fatal.

In the Austrailian translation of the game, moral activists at the time objected to Jackpot. Not because of his sexual overtones, but because they thought his character glorified gambling. Thus in the Austrailian release of EFWQ XIV, his character was changed into a mute, masturbating wallaby.

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