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Item Laws

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Item Laws


The items of the world are all under the Iron Fist of the Item Law Makers Guild. All magical items must meet their requirements, or else said items are marked as "illegal" and those who own/wear/sell/make/touch said items are marked for death by the Item Death Squad. All of the laws created by the Item Law Makers Guild are pure and exist above any court. The laws NEVER contradict themselves: please understand this!

Also, please understand that the rules the Item Law Makers Guild have established go into the hundreds. However, these few are just a taste of all the laws that you will learn about.

The High Ultimate Item Law book of Item Laws

This convienient tome contains all 500 curently enforced Item Laws, listed in no particular order. Begin rote learning ... now.

History of the Item Laws

  • 16,441 - The all-night Item Law Writing Session. On this long, long evening, all 500 item laws are created. These are subsequently forgotten for the next 3,500 years due to the night after the Item Law Writing Session which reportedly involved a "rather large party".

*Note that due to the powerful Elamenstation required to become an Item Law writer, most Elemenstation apparatus had to be specifically designed in and out of certain periods of Timenes, around which the Timenes of the creation of the Item Laws enfluxed. This resulted in the dual-creation of item laws and associated item lores.

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