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Item Law: Famous Court Cases

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Item Law: Famous Court Cases

A book referenced several times in the saga, rumors circulate that it will be published in its entirety, but no concrete announcements have ever been made. Large sections of several ELotH works are devoted to characters reading verbatim from the book so large sections of it could in fact be pieced together.

Notably, 120 pages are devoted to Appendix A of Tales of Yorn, in which characters are shown reading long excerpts to each other whiles dueling with sharp and blunt close combat weapons in a mine field. It seems unlikely that the circumstances could be canon, but it is assumed by fans that the excerpts themselves are genuine.

Chapter 2: Law 115

Includes the profile of the famous 'Jim vs Bag and Associates'.

Chapter 3: Laws 1-10 vs Harbinger Portent

Chapter 6: "Gragnakas, how we hates him"

Chapter 12: Sword Laws

Includes several pages detailing 'The Katana of Japanophilistic Anachronism v Peasant Family' and the application of Law 98.

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