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An Intellectual is not just a smart man, but a terrifyingly smart man. Their minds work on levels average men can scarcly contemplate. The secrets of reality itself is their plaything, open to their probing and inquisition.

Intellectual's are noted for having no skills of their own, but an opinion on everyone elses. Common Intellectual posits regard the Socio-Economic Effect of Ratcatcher's on the Upper-Middle Nobility of Battal, and The Nature of High Elemenstation in an Infinitely Expanding Universe.

Some have suggested that Intellectual's, while contributing interesting theories, have little practical use in a violence-oriented world. Intellectual's have retorted these claims many times, but their wording is such that no one can understand it.

One should always beware of the False Intellectual, a mere average man who attempts to pass himself off as an Intellectual using complicated speech and suspenders.

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