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Holy Panhandle

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Holy Panhandle

Ancient magic sword of the king of The Kingdom of Parsonya. Wielded by Lord Greylord during his nearly 1000 year reign, it saw many battles, and also was the tool the king used to dispense his own individual justice, acting also as the court executioner for prisoners held for capital offenses in the dungeons below is keep in DragonBone.

The sword itself appeared to be crafted from the long Iyorn handle of a flame cooking skillet, to the end of which was a long silvery blade was attached after the pan itself was roughly sawed off. Interestingly, there is no cross bar or guard of any sort between handle and blade. Also, when not in use, rather than sitting in a scabbard, the weapon is hung from a peg on the wall which passes through the circular hole punched in the end of the handle.

The enchantment of this sword appears to be long life for its bearer, as well as being rumored to have certain other darker powers.

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