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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 45 (Horrifically Nasty)

Also See: the Higgerath. The Siege of Arkleaf. the Great Highest Hoarg-Riderchieftain KrggZduul

There is a saying among the Hoarg-Riders of the War Men:


This translates diplomatically as roughly "Good Hoarg Kill You, Bad Hoarg Do Unspeakable Things" although a literal translation is somewhat more revealing.

Strange powerful beasts that lurk in darkening, forgotten tunnels in the maze of caves and passageways known as the Savage Barrenlands. The Hoarg resemble vastly overgrown muscled rats that have been crossbred with badgers, possessing long snouts and rotund bodies with overdeveloped incisors and a strong, crushing bite. Although they can see well in their underground habitat their sight aboveground is limited. Still the War Men ride them in great packs so fearsome is their image. They feast on any flesh, dead or living and have an animal Bloodlustiness to rival even the War Men themselves.

The most organised of these packs belong to the Great Highest Hoarg-Riderchieftain KrggZduul and many a village has been decimated by his clan army.

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