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High Culimancer Bertrick

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High Culimancer Bertrick

One of Gavment Rayling's companions in Tycho Brahe's Book 3 of the Elemenstor Cycle, the dwarf High Culimancer Bertrick earned his title by pioneering the realm of Elemenstation as applied to food, now known as Culimancy.

He was born to a peasant's life in the Dwarven city of Grothondogrim during the reign of Groin the Virile, helping his father to run a very small pub. When one day the pub's chef died a massive heart attack - speculated as a result of his 80% grease-based menu - Bertrick was charged with the task of taking over. He immediately showed excellent ability as a chef, but felt the art was somewhat limited when he beheld the miracles performed by a traveling Elemenstor. He beseeched the man to take him as a tutor, and he agreed on the condition that Bertrick cook all of his meals. This man turned out to be none other than Kavick Dalesdurn, though his is another story entirely.

Bertrick proved as quick a pupil of Elemenstation as he did cooking and wasted no time in combining the two skills. He spent his formative years using himself as a guinea pig for his grossly complicated brand of magic before finally stabalizing several recipes and officially branding his magic as Edible Elemenstation, or Culimancy. The recipes from this early discovery period are largely recorded in Culimancy: Volume 1

He is further credited as the first Elemenstor to successfully combine his Rubian with food. Though the creation was largely accidental, involving an overcooked Casserole of Calamitous Augury and a Rubian mistaken for a Lozenge of Libational Endurance, the result was Crudge, who is still Bertrick's longest lasting companion.

It was on the trip with Gavment Rayling that Bertrick began to fill his infamous - and yet now lost - cookbook, Culimancy Made Easy, wherein is recorded the recipes for foods that could temporarily bestow the eater with a giant's strength, unworldly indigestion, and a slew of other fantastic abilities.

Bertrick often traveled with his second cousin, Dthr'nex, that is until Dthr'nex is slain in Book 3.

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