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Every month, the Hangman is chosen from a hat with the name of every person in the village. Whoever's name is chosen is to be hanged outside, near the road. It's not necessarily to correct an injustice, but rather to make a statement: "We have a hangman and we aren't afraid to use him randomly and without due cause."

During the Great Riggery, names were chosen unfairly due to the upper class paying not to have their names chosen from the hat.

It is well known that Ezermethalon hangmen are especially busy during the Ezermethalon Under 19's Wet T-Shirt Contest, mainly with avoiding work and gawking.

In an interesting twist several of the larger cities have several professional Hangmen, who are hanged each month on a rotation and kept on a retainer by the city. These men are noted for their massive beefy necks and puny lightweight bodies. One such Hangman, Trelbor the Thick managed to stay hanged for two months without replacement, after this mighty act he was reported to have said "Well I did it for the fans" then fallen over.

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