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Hallau is the familiar of Zula, one of The Wizbits. She is a Pink Fruitbat from the Groves of Delmere Swamp. Hallau is outgoing and energetic, and has landed The Wizbits in trouble on a number of occasions - most notably during their stay in the Library of Oom.

Catchphrases and Quotes:

  • "What if I press this button?"
  • "What if I pull this lever?"
  • "Well - I never thought that would happen..."

Hallau often wears a low cowl and cloak while traveling alone. This is to hide her Pink Fruitbat heritage, as they are often persecuted. Her normal high-pitched, whiny voice often becomes raspy and brooding when she dons the cloak and has the cowl over her eyes, in order to maintain stereotypes.

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