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A fungus that is commonly found in forested regions of Battal.

Is the primary food for bugglywump. In fact if grumgum is available in an environment, bugglywump will shun all other forms of food and feed entirely on grumgum.

Unfortunately, for bugglywump, violent and deadly fights break out amongst the feeding bugglywump when the supply of grumgum is nearly depleted. Fortunately, grumgum grows most abundently on bugglywump corpses, so each deadly scrum yeilds a new crop of grumgum. Unfortunately, this attracts more bugglywump who feast and kill each other. Fortunately, bugglywump pelts are prized in most of Battal because of their insulative qualities.

The Nartuush Tribe, who's economy is based largely on the trade of bugglywump pelts, have a saying about this phenomenom: "Isn't nature grand?"

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