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Grim Elves

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Grim Elves

Perhaps one of R L Stine's (?) most unique contributions to ELotH:TES lore is the Grim Elves. Used several times in each of the works attributed to that author the Grim Elves are an elvin cloister (a collection of various elf races that follow a single ideal) dedicated to distinctly non-elvin persuits.

The most famous of these warriors is Stine's character of Bloodbyyrd, who appears briefly in War of the Taints and plays a larger encore role in The Elfin Factions Tetragy due to the character's popularity.

Grim Elves are usually dark haired (the hair is usually shorn short) rarely posess archery skills of note and are often completely tone deaf (although when plied with sufficient drink they will revel in song). They can be identified by their heavy metallic armor, giant rough hewn axes, and heavy penchant for drinking stout ale.

During The Great Breakening, the Grim Elves were fierce pirates, burning and pillaging any non-elfin ships that approached the Elfynisle.

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