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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 19 (Quite Nasty)

Creature Families: Menoid, Furniturian

A sentient being (almost always a human) who is cursed to change into an enchanted piece of furniture every "full moon" (an archaic reference to when both of the bright moons are at their height of brightness, usually referred to as "High Moon").

Furnithropes have little control over their actions when in this altered form and only foggy memories of the period that they spend transformed. The furniture form on the other hand usually has access to all of the thoughts and memories of the other mind.

Although the curse of Furnithropy (the condition of being a Furnithrope) is occasionally passed through getting pinched in the drawer of an existing Furnithrope, it is much more often contracted through application of the sensoared gear, Bestow Furnithropy.

It is thought by some people that the legend of furnithropy is a desperate attempt to try to discourage Creak.

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