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Friends of Furniture Freedom

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Friends of Furniture Freedom

The Friends of Furniture Freedom, or FFF, are a group of ELotH:TES fans that are strong advocates of furniture rights. Claiming to have been 'shown the light' by the Elemenstor Cycle and other ELotH:TES mediums, they aim for greater individual freedoms for furniture and hope to rid the world of furniture-related discrimination.

"If man can walk the earth, unequaled in his power and influence, why can't his most trusted brethren do the same? We will not rest until all furniture is free to choose whether or not it wants to be sat upon! We will not rest until all dressers and armoires are able to say, 'No, I don't want you to put that in me.' We will not rest until the world sees the freedom of furniture!"

-- Art Soldenstein, FFF Founder

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