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Floapy's Powerful Forcefield Ring of Invisibility

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elothtes :: Floapy's Powerful Forcefield Ring of Invisibility (full)
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Floapy's Powerful Forcefield Ring of Invisibility

Forged by the unfortunately prolific forger of enchanted rings and axes of questionable quality, Floapy Exadnagnir

Unfortunately Floapy's Powerful Forcefield Ring of Invisibility's powers are active all of the time, and so, any furniture it is placed on turns invisible, causing many a severely bruised shin and startled Elemenstor. The ring's forcefield properties make grabbing the ring much like trying to pick up richly latherous soap. Resultantly, no one has ever worn the ring. In Book 5 it was placed on top of a donkey cart to smuggle it passed the Fanged Vole-Guard. The donkey was still visible and as such did not survive the encounter. The cargo of undergarments did, to the relief of many mendicants.

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