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Featured Articles

Page history last edited by Tim 15 years, 7 months ago

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Featured Articles

Think an article deserves recognition? Add it here.

These are recent articles that we at the Wiki are proud of, and are an example of what the wiki should be like. Feel free to add stuff, and move things that have been featured into the archives. Also note, this should be a page for you to promote other authors' work that you've enjoyed, rather than a place to show off every new article you've written.

Featured Articles Archive

Newly Epic Featured Articles

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Articles On Permanent Display Which Are Epicly Epic in their Epicness

Featured Articles Discussion

Wizbits Elemenstor Battle Rules? ~kertrats
I don't know about that one. It's good, but I'm not sure it's to the level of the other stuff. -patkelly
I'm not sure about these two, since the ones above are in the hundred pages and over limit, maybe we should divide them into "Really Really Good", "Really Good" and "Moderately Awesome".-Tanktunker
Good idea, Tank. I split them as I saw best. And if I may be so bold, might I suggest ELotH: TES - Pen and Paper RPG? No, it's not quite done yet. But it's nice the way it is already, it's been a hotbed of activity, and, what's more, a hotbed of community activity. It's hard to point to any one thing as being any particular player's baby, wheras quite a few people 'own' a Sword or Law or Rothgar Title. And I like the way it's coming together. I put it under Moderately Epic right now, but I expect it'll be Truly Epic by the time we're done. If anyone thinks I've miscategorized something, though, please fix it. -patkelly
The RPG certainly deserves at least moderately epic. Good choice. -TychoCelchuuu
With the addition of all those classes and skills it's certainly now Truly Epic. No question, in my mind. -patkelly.
I would like to nominate The Wizbits Episode Guide. I'm personally working to make the ElamenSTAR Episode Guide equally epic, but right now it's mostly empty links; the work that has gone into the Wizbits one is very impressive to me, no matter how certain people feel about the cartoon. Also, a lot of work was done on them by people other than us "usual suspects" which I think is meaningful. ~Kenneth Pike
Nomination seconded, and I'd say it's enough of a shoo-in I don't see a need for further debate. Stick it up where you think it belongs. -patkelly.
I'll call it mildly epic, for the moment. The ElamenSTAR Episode Guide will be truly epic if it ever gets completed... right now there aren't even names for all the episodes as that requires some knowledge if Japanese. d^_^b ~Kenneth Pike
Also, what's with the addition of "Real Life Articles?" ~Kenneth Pike
No idea. Don't think it belongs here. What does everyone else think? -patkelly
Nay, it's not nearly unanimous, it's not even a pseudomajority, but that's not important, since it can always be put back.-Tanktunker
I believe that "Real life articles" are articles not about something epic in ELotH:TES, but rather epic articles about ELotH:TES. Doesn't seem like it would be that out of place if such a thing existed. *shrug* -tim
Meh. I nominated The War Men's Brutal, Guttural War-Tongue not because lots of people have read it, but because they should read it. 0_0 I really, really like that one. - Dryope
I think that I take issue with the "pages with the most links" being the top featured articles. Really the "article" portions of these pages aren't really spectacular (no offense intended against them specifically) and so they are merely impressive in that they collect a lot of things... but by that merrit I really think that the list of famous hats, list of People, and list of Locations are at least as epic.. not to mention the Timeline which is probably the single most epic page on the wiki. Really I'd like to retool the page to include a set of rotating links, like the Good For Tea Trees, and possibly include an honorable mention section with the 100 swords and item laws that can reside permanently. just my 2 cents. -tim
I'm adding Tim's Siege of Arkleaf. I can't even fathom the level of effort this must have taken. -- Niall
I don't wanna seem all credit-hungry here... but yeah, it took me a while to do that page. Tim and Simon kicked ass on the red links. I think it's come together nicely. - asura
Whoops, sorry, should have checked the change logs. -- Niall
Yeah.. it's a really great entry. Its the first entry I saw here that really described a large cohesive chunk of history all at once, and set the tone for many other entries that followed. -Tim
I've taken it upon myself to add Agash to the list, since reading it at work caused me to laugh out loud and get into trouble. If it can do that, it must be epic. It deserves far more page views than it has so far.
Excellent. Definately anybody who enjoys and article should add it here to draw more readers to it.
While we are adding featured articles I thought we should add The Seventeen Final Battles given the epic work that went into researching it.

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