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Fancy Women

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Fancy Women

The counterpart to Fancy Men, they have never appeared in canon. They were introduced in the unofficial, unreleased, unfinished, rejected, and generally ungood Fancy: A Fancy Story Of Ludicrous Fancyness which was blatantly stolen found by an annonymous fan under Tychos bed while he was passed out, with a post-it note marking it as "way too gay?".

They are described as over 7 feet tall, muscular, and capable of chucking a cow over a mile. They are, of course, as their nomenclature suggests, blindingly fancy and dressed in the finest of clothes, sparkly shoes, sequined swords, and other femminine aparrel. They also smell of delicious pastries.

Apparently Fancyness, in large enough doses, ferments into pure Epicness.

In cannon, Fancy Women are only vaugely mentioned by a few Fancy Men, who half-heartedly insist that Fancy Women DO exist, and they're having a long-distance relationship with one that lives in Canada. Only the truly gullible take these claims seriously.

According to legend, Fancy Women love beer, which is what earned them the colloquial name, "Beerds".

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