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elothtes :: F'cuine (full)
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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: TODO_Number (TODO_Rating)

Creature Families: Draconic, Magimal, Giant, Insectoid

Distant cousins of Wyrms, F'cuines are whale-sized millipedes that burrow through soil and ice and live in tundra and mountainous regions. Their spit is a liquid that freezes things on contact and it's head has two mandibles each as big as a horse. F'cuine has no eyes, instead using a number of sensitive antennae to see via vibrations and heat differences.

F'cuines mate rarely and are typically solitary. They dwell in the northern reaches of Grammelgrap and Northarbor and feed on large animals like horses and bears. F'cuines are hostile towards smaller creatures, but a few Ice Princesses of Northarbor have raised a F'cuine from birth and trained them to become powerful and fearsome steeds.

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