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An azure colored powdery spice hot in flavor. Not to be confused with The Eyuda.


First discoved by the Ooamp in -32406. The Ooamp failed however to realize eyuda's full culinairy potential due to thier complete lack of orifices. Instead they used it to draw grielguvs on thier unibreasts. Later in -19867 durring the Million Year War soliders looking for weapons to use on water spirts happened upon an ancient Ooamp craft box. Only in -19523 when the spirts captured a supply of eyuda and attempted to use it on human soliders was it dicovered that eyuda was not only edible to humans but quite tasty. Those human soldiers were vivisected instead.

Eyuda has also been part of numberous trade disputes most noteably The C'nf's'ng Trade Disputes and the Spica Wars.

Physiological effects

Eyuda like most spicy foods can cause sweating and thirst. Unlike most spices, it's poisonous to water creatures. Eyuda also provides immunity to Meteoric Iron miner's lung, making it extremely popular in the Lands of Va.

Of important note is the side effects to those unused to it. Mostly it is just indigestion and slight oily discharge, however on rare occasion it has been know to cause an irresistable urge to sing "Say There, Have Ye Seen the Gravy?", inability to elemenstrate, and of course; the explosion of pregnant women.

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