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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 159 (Incomprehensibly Nasty)

There is almost no information in the books available about the servants of Xoxor Xxar. A few passages in Book 3 describe them merely as "beings of such unspeakable depravity that to breathe the same air as them has led men to orgies of murder and destruction."

Some other information about the Evilnors comes from a convention appearance by Tycho Brahe. When asked about the appearance and nature of the Evilnors Brahe is recorded as saying:

You wanna know how evil the Evilnors are? I'll tell you how evil the Evilnors are. The Evilnors are so godamned evil they'd make goddamned Cthulu run sobbing back to his goddamned Mommy, that's how evil they are!

Fans still debate if this outburst, from RAE Con '97, should be considered canonical, as this also corresponds to Brahe's infamous drinking and pill binge. Many present report that Brahe was not only inebriated but had actually filled several two-liter bottles with a mixture of Percocet, Captain Morgan, and rubbing alcohol, which he consumed constantly during his various panel appearances.

The Face of Evilnor

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