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The proposer of the theory of the eulithian resonance vector, this brilliant Life Elemenstor was brought back through time in the experimental binding of a soft place and Temporal Elemenstation to the year 10,296 from 85,291: exactly 275 yearicles. This is interesting to note, as an Eonicle is 240 years; it has been asserted that 240 yearicles would be a Miracle Eonicle. The ratio of 240 to 275 is, of course, 0.8(727272etc.), which when multiplied with 8 equals 6.9(818181etc.).

It was Eulith that first asserted that the true maas to elem ratio (which presumably has some Elemenstorationory purpose) was not 1 to 1+0.875 (1.875 being 1 7/8, which is how many elems are in a maas) as previously thought, but 1 to 1+0.8(727272etc.) (the new ratio added to the base "1" elim being the same ratio of miracle eonicles to the amount of time traveled by Eulith.) It is not known whether the travel of Eulith was caused in the past or the future, but it is widely accepted that he emerged from the soft place with the Magic Axe of Greater Antisundering grafted to his right shoulder in place of an arm. And it was robotic. Being partially infused with infinity, he survived many more millennia and eventually presided over Castle Pizzle, the second castle of Pizzlemoore. Information about Eulith has thus far only been included indirectly in Book 13 and many people consider if this is proof that, were The Fourteenth Manuscript to be real, that it would take place after the end times.

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