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Etiquette Guide

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This page is subject to discussion. See Etiquette Discussion for details.

Etiquette Guide


Wiki Etiquette, and particularly etiquette for this wiki, do not really have a canon. This is an online community and a shared endeavor.

That said, this guide begins with some common sense ideas that everyone should take pretty seriously.

It is followed by a section that contains comments, discussions and opinions about etiquette.

If you are just throwing in your two cents on how this wiki should unfold, please put it in the comments section. If you feel that you have a common sense point of etiquette that just about everyone will share, feel free to put it in the top.

Under absolutely no circumstances commit Crimethink.
Before correcting a typo, mistake or inconsistency, check to see if it was meant so, in humorous or otherwise sense.
Feel free to contribute, but please contribute something that has something to do with the topic at hand--The Elemenstors Saga. racist/sexist/hate sentiments of any kind are not welcome here. and we all hope this could be something people of all ages could enjoy (like the show) so try to keep it clean
Please do not ask for help finding illegal funsubs, fandubs, fantranslations or fanwarez of elothtes videos, printed material or video games as they are unlicenced and illegal.
If you notice a minor inconsistency, just fix it. It shouldn't change the creative thrust and basic themes of the article. Someone obviously just did a lot of research to make the posting, but mistakes do happen!
If you notice a major inconsistency, annotate the Discussions section (if it exists - create one if it doesn't, see Disputed Pages for the format) with a note about the discrepancy. The original author should be given a reasonable chance to make changes according to his or her own style and research, and should have an opportunity to corroborate their article with evidence from the various source materials. However, note that it's possible for inconsistencies to exist in the source material; we all know that Tycho Brahe and any other possible authors involved in the series didn't create an entirely cohesive universe.
If you author a new page, it doesn't hurt to run a quick search for all explicit links to the character/location/item/etc. you are editing. This should enable you to avoid inconsistent pages.
If you link to an existing page, look at known information about the item you are linking to. This will involve reading the page and searching for links to the page as well as reviewing your own source materials. Of course, if you find information in the links to the page that isn't on the page itself, and you have time, then adding this information to the page would be a Good Thing.
If you start editing a page, but change your mind, don't forget to click "Cancel"; otherwise, you will still have a lock on the page, preventing other people from editing it.
If you create a new topic try to incorporate links to exisiting people/place/thing articles into your own, these connections make it possible to connect together the various strands of the ELotH:TES universe.
On the question of ownership: A wiki is fundamentally a shared endeavor. People don't really own the research they do. The fun of it is that everyone can contribute in a spirit of mutual cooperation. That said, if someone starts a page it is very rude to go back and radically change their work without a discussion. The page will probably be reverted to an earlier version if you do that. If a discussion is necessary, start a discussion page following the guidelines in Disputed Pages
On the question of respect: a wiki also demands that people respect one another's work, and a little humility about your own knowledge of the vast ELotH:TES universe. Work to incorporate other people's research with your own, rather than deleting it. Feel free to comment on and debate; sometimes a person will remove something that is inaccurate of their own will. Alternatively, if a number of people agree that something is non-canon, it is likely that someone will eliminate it so as to avoid inaccurate information in the wiki.
Before submitting an article, read it from a completely oblivious to the subject point of view to see if something's missing, find mistakes etc.

Adressing the "Etiquette Discussion"

Apparently, an Etiquette Discussion has been manufactured by a vandal using the handle elothtes_is_a_hoax to create the impression that the saga is a hoax. I link to it now because it is such an obvious fraud, but the discussion that they manufactured might be useful for thinking about etiquette anyway. My guess, based on the first line of the discussion, is that they are part of a splinter-group from the Dark Fourteen that has taken a decidedly nihilistic turn.

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