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Epic Fantasy Warrior Quest

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Epic Fantasy Warrior Quest

Developed by the successful RPG company, Phonics (now merged with CubeSoft to become Cube-phonics), Epic Fantasy Warrior Quest is a highly successful series of console RPGs. In fact, it was one of the first console RPGs ever developed for the NES in 1986. The series is long-running, totaling sixteen main games thus far, as well as innumerable spinoffs and remakes. Although originally primarily based on the Wizbits Elemenstor Battle CCG, the series has skewered towards Tycho Brahe's interpetation of the franchise since the mid-90's, to increased success and popularity.

The trademark monsters for the series include the Peep, as well as the Fluddle, a brownish green splotch of wiggling goo that is the first enemy encountered in every game.

The series is a cultural phenomenon in Japan, and the main source of The Elemenstor Cycle fandom in Asia. It is so popular, that numerous CDs, anime, concerts, plays, are based on the franchise - including the ever popular Epic Fantasy Warrior Quest on Ice. Pre-orders are a must for every release, as lack of supplies often turn new EFWQ releases into bloody brawls. It is the fourth largest selling video-game franchise of all time, and is frequently judged as the best video game series of all time (or at least a close second behind the Dance Dance Zombie Party series).

Although there is no relation between most of the titles, aside from being set in Battal or a Battal-like world, they all contain Peeps, Fluddles, Elemenstors, and for some reason - an Imagineer named Lawrence.

Also in a bit of irony, every game's plot at least has a sub-section in which a major media conglomerate is evil and must be overthrown by rebels.

Each game has a subtitle that hints at the games plot, although they have usually been discarded from the game's title when released in the US.

Main Series


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