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In the Elemenstor saga, the term Elves refers generally to a set of magical races which are all derived from a common ancestor. All Battal Elves share certain traits, physical and cultural, with the original proto-elves which were formed from their Sjkarblae forbearers.

Shared characteristics of the Elves include:

  • keen night vision
  • an affinity for the natural world
  • a love of music and dance
  • a common pantheon of gods
  • knowledge of the Arcane Elvin Language known as Flannt'lwyrre
  • a passionate disdain for Dwarves
  • pointy ears
  • an unusually long life span.
  • the speed at which separated genetic populations visually differentiate
  • a fondness for bagpipes and the celebration of the Bagpipe Parade.


When the Sjkarblae first appeared in the Vale of Eir, the Higherlark LL'Chomber looked upon them and saw that they were Good. But LL'Chomber saw in them an imperfect reflection of what they could be, and drawing upon his own form as inspiration, crafted a new race through use of Deep Elemental Magicke. Pointing the ears, like his own, removing the shroud of night from their eyes, as it was gone for him, and giving them an appreciation for grace and beauty. He named the race Elf. (The name was reportedly that of a girl he had a crush on as a lad.)

Elvin Factions

The Elves were a proud and noble race which spread across Battal and prospered. With geographic seperation comes unique specialization, and of course fractious influences creep into a population. Before long the pockets of elven population had their own unique cultures, languages, traditions, and customs.

Evolution of Elvine races. Evolution of Men to compare.

High Elves encompass Low Elves and Elf Witches, as they are mostly cultural ofshoots.

Elvin Factions: Referred to by themselves as "The Noble Races"

Elvin Cloisters: The less than noble races, misc collections, and minor factions

Bastard Elves: Several races with a genetic relationship to elves but who aren't within the elf spieces (note they don't like being called "Bastard Elves")

Non-Elvin Factions: (several groups have come to be associated with Elves, but really are not Elves at all)


Unable to govern such a disparate collection of societies, the Council of Elves which had been becoming increasingly ineffectual and vestigial, eventually was dissolved entirely, which worked fine all the way up until the Unlight War. Spotting a need to once again put forth a united front the The Reunified Elfish Council of Elven Factions was formed.


  • Holl'onnianya - Goddess of Might and Magicke, Guardian of the Olde Wayes
  • LL'Chomber - Lord of the Elves, King of the Elf Pantheon
  • Logok
  • Merri'llmnbar - Lady of the Dance, also Matron of Ice, Queen of the Elf Pantheon
  • Orl'llln - The Warrior-Philosopher

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