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Elven Messengers

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Elven Messengers

To become an Elf Messenger is considered a great honor among elves, since they are naturally paragons of speed among traditionally fleet-footed race.

Founded by The The Seventeenth, often called the last Sjkarblae, their primary duty is to carry important messages for elfin queens and kings. They would have created the fastest way of communication if not the Men invention of a horse in 1235, or later.

The The Seventeenth knew that messengers would have been fighting with robbers, monsters and evil mages therefore he put emphasis on the key elements of a training:

  • Speed
  • Fighting
  • Polite manners
  • Rat stomping (though no one is sure why)

With the expansion of the elven race, Messengers were always the elite bunch of self smug arrogants, pretty indistinguishable from ordinary Elves. To counter that, queen of Lol'thoriun designed a special set of badges given to messengers, corresponding to each elven subrace and rank of the messenger.

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