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ELotH:TES Magazine

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ELotH:TES Magazine

A monthly high-gloss magazine published by Elemenstors of the Peninsula. Each 100-page issue contains 30 pages of advertisements for the latest great ELotH:TES Merchandise and Collectibles, 30 pages of articles describing the latest great ELotH:TES merchandise, and the rest is dedicated to feature sections for Con Pics, Fan Art, ELotH:TES news unrelated to new merch, Letters, Gossip, Interviews, Literary (re)Interpretation, Merchandise Price Lists, and on inside of the back cover is a Foibles of Marc and Merg comic. Nearly all fans of the series subscribe. For those without a complete collection the Catch Up Subscription is definitely recommended.

Much of the magazine's content concerning the world of Battal is compiled from pre-existing canon materials, but not all of it. Some fans consider information which is published only in the magazine to be non-canonical.

Not usually mentioned is the Classifieds section, which features an Escort Service tailoring to every Furni fantasy you can imagine and sellers shilling low-price Wizbits merchandise.

The outside back cover of every issue for the past two years has been an iPod(TM) advertisement with a cut out coupon for a free collectible Elemenstor iPod(TM) cover. Few fans redeem the coupon, however, not wanting to deface that month's episode of the Foibles of Marc and Merg. Apple has purchased back cover advertising rights to ElotH:TES Magazine until December 2019, with option to renew.

Strangely enough, not all Wizbits Elemenstor Battle promotional trading cards have been offered in ELotH:TES Magazine. The infamous Furnal, the Infernal Furnace Furniliar card appears to have only appeared in newspaper stand copies of the magazine, not in the subscription copies, and of course the original set of promo cards pre-dates the magazine and was distributed only at conventions and trade shows.

List of Past Issues

Issue 1: The Fires of Magazine Windice

Issue 2: Dawn of the Dark Magazine

Issue 3: Laws, Weights, and Measures

Issue 4: Battal Cultural Superspectacular!

Issue 5: So you want to be an Elemenstor

  • Outline of the specific types and levels of gears.

Issue 6: Holiday Shopping Spectacular

Issue 13: The Darv-only Issue

  • The most avid readers have posted fan-translated "scans" of this issue online, for those savvy enough to find them.

Issue 14: The War Men's Brutal, Guttural War-Tongue-only Issue

Issue 15: The 'We've Replaced Our Editor' Comeback Issue

Issue 16: The Longest Moment: Explored

Issue 17: The History and Future of The Wizbits Videogames

Issue 18: The CCG Spectacular!

Issue 19: Heart Elemenstation: The Great Debate

Issue 20: Tycho Brahe: The Man Behind The Magic

Issue 21: Inside ELoth:TES Horticulture!

Issue 22: Everything You Thought Knew About Astrolonomy Is Wrong

Issue 23: Oriental Tales of the Wang Kingdom--uncovered!

Issue 24: Swimsuit Spectacular!

Issue 25: Special Elemenstor Cycle Retrospective: Commemorating Analytic Approaches to ELotH:TES

Issue 26: Complete Guide to Elemanifestations and Gears

  • Readers were still hungry for more of these details, even after Issue 5 covered much about gears and Elemenatifestations. There are few fans more rabid for minutia than Elemenstor fans.

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