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A scientific approach to Elemenstation, Elementics relies on the acceptance of The Elmether as a manipulatable force.

Elementicians, the practitioners of Elementics rely on the idea that the Elmether can be described as the intersection of two jointly analytic arctangent waves over a degenerate probability distribution, which is referred to as an Elementic Plane. This fact came to light when Tobias Toblerou, brother of Abel Toblerou (the founder of the school of Elementics), was sitting under an apple tree. By sheer chance, an Elmether particle struck an apple whose Elementic plane was inversely proportional to its own, creating very short lived gravitational rift.

Tobias's body was flipped inside out almost instantly, killing him in the processes. At the time, Abel had been spying on his brother, trying to devise a way to gain sole possession of the Toblerou Fish-Mining Fortune, and as a result was too far away to be affected. When questioned by the authorities as to what had happened, Abel fabricated the idea of an Elementic plane, something he assumed was impossible to test. To his chagrin, it was both tested and proved to be valid.

Purist Elemenstors consider Elementics to be a deviation from the spirit of Elemenstation, though particularly skilled Elementicians have been able to accomplish feats beyond the capabilities of most Elemenstors.

One of the relevelations of Elementicians has been the discovery of Lier-states.

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