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Elemenstor Fairy Tales

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Elemenstor Fairy Tales

Published: May 2003

By: Dan Potter w/ Mandy Lu

One of the more puzzling works of Elemenstor fiction. Fans of the series are rather torn as to whether this work is canon or non-canon. Many criticize the work for introducing "mundane fantasy cliche" to the world of Battal, while others argue that the world of Battal is nothing but mundane fantasy cliche.

Taking elements from greek mythology and more traditional folk-lore this tale includes references to Unicorns, Hippogriffs, Sphinx and many other creatures considered to be staples of most fantasy worlds. This directly conflicts with most other Elemenstor works which do not make direct reference to these time worn creatures. Perhaps even more offensively, these animals are common and there are no sign of Eops, Evilnors, Juicebats or any of the other creatures well known and loved by fans. This "watering down" of the unique Elemenstor Lore was offensive to many. Particularly offensive was the inclusion of the greek pantheon of gods as dictating the major religions of Battal.

It has been put forth by some fans that this set of three tales could perhaps be fairy tales told within the world of Battal, and that the imaginary creatures of the world of the Elemenstor Saga are the the same as the imaginary creatures of our real world. This Shared Imagined Realm Theory has actually gained a fair amount of support on the news groups.

Furthermore, the appearence of Trolls, minotaur and Dragons within this work has sparked controversy as to if those species actually exist in Battal, or should possibly be included amongst the Shared Imagined Realm Theory, despite their myriad of earlier appearences within the 13 book cycle. In fact, arguments over this subject once errupted into violence at a convention.

Since the publishing of this book, other works have begun to incorperate a few of these creatures into more commonly accepted canon. Notably, The Dawn of Unlight's Setting, Part 2: Victory's Deathknell of the ElemenstorLance series, depicts Queen-Princess Xanzandrinzel as riding a Unicorn steed.

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