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Also See: Elemantheon, List of Elemanifestations, Egg Effulgences

Manifestations of the usually bodiless beings of the Elmether known as Elementals as a result of Elemenstation. Elemanifestations are esentially beings brought to this plane to, say, shoot a fireball or make a wall turn to mud. Elementals are usually invisible to the naked eye, unless fully corporialized via High Elemenstation.

In The Grand Elemenstor of Magic, it was revealed that Elemanifestations were once living beings from a utopian world known as Khalm, where everyone was born with inherent elemental powers. However, they lost their physical bodies when their world was destroyed.

Misc Information

  • Elemanifestations can only be manifested by those who have the Knack.
  • Elemanifestations are usually only fleetingly present in this plane and return to the Elmether after creating the desired Elemental effect.
  • Elemanifestations get to choose what they look like when they materialize, so you can sometimes tell one's personality just by looking at it.
  • As their powers progress from Low to High Elemenstation, the dependence on these Elemanifestations lessens and Elemenstors take on the power for themselves. Skilled Elemenstors gain the ability to strike even significant gears without the aid of Elemanifestations. Naturally, this makes the Elemanifestations "very sad and lonely."


So in essence Elemenstors are usually not the wielders of their power, as many would have you believe, but of the power to bring forth an Elemanifestation.

It is said there is one Elemanifestation being for each facet of the Starborn Gem, which would make quite a few Elemanifestations indeed. Harbinger Portent, the father of all Elemenstors, is rumored to have once summoned all Elemanifestations at once and, when bringing their various color-coded powers together, summoned the Ginormous Soul.

It was through the Ginormous Soul that The Shield and The Sickle were brought back together during The Unsundering.

Elemanifestations in The Elemenstor Cycle

Through the various incarnations of ELotH:TES properties a significant pantheon of specific named Elemanifestations has built up. The focus on these entities having personalities and individual indentities largely emmerged as a prevelent trend in the franchise after the penning of the seminal 13 book cycle. A few named Elemanifestations are present in the cycle, such as Gespethio in Book 2 or Redback in Book 3. Others were mentioned by description only, probably not intented by Tycho Brahe to reference a particular being, but named Elemanifestations matching cycle descriptions were reused in future works and then blessed into the canon that these were the names of the Elemanifestations appearing in the book. As a result most or all of the unnamed Elemanifestations from The Elemenstor Cycle have been named through subsequent works and would be identifiable by the fan community by name.


Elemanifestations were the primary focus of the original Elemental Monster Duel TCG. For a great time in Japan, they were refered to as Elemental Monsters, or Elemon for short. Eventually however, the American term for them, Elemanifestations, became more popular in Japan.

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